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Been Awhile

yes i know its been awhile with this fast pacing world I lost time for keeping up with a blog that does not really mean too much to me. But yeah life has been okay pretty busy with everything I have no idea how to even start with exams but w/e. Life always fines a way to keep moving on no matter what anyone does. This week has been hard and I have been complaining alot but after what happened on Newtown CT i am just happy to be able to go home and hug my family and I pray for those little kids who can not and for their parents who are still here. I do not know but I have always been told that to out live a child is just heartbreaking. PRAYERS FOR NEWTOWN.

The first big data election

So what kinds of things was the Obama camp able to do with this big data trove? One senior official from the campaign told Time that the group “ran the election 66,000 times every night” based on the day’s data and allocated resources based on likely outcomes. In addition, the demographic information they collected and scored against other factors allowed them to find more targeted ways to buy television advertising to reach their “microtargeted” voters.


I know I not posted in awhile but life has just been everywhere….I had to go home to help clean up what was left of my Bayhead New Jersey shore house, my friends helped us which was great i cant believe after only like 3 months i have made such great friends here. But between the hurricane and all the work my blog has sort have been lagging haha. But anywho Im in one piece surviving this thing we call live til next time bye!!!

Hurricane Sandy

I am home for hurricane sandy and it sort of scary here. I live in South Jersey and it was pretty bad here. I brought a few friends home so we are just sitting here doing homework. I know i havent posted in awhile but i just kept forgetting.

Never Again

So I am sitting here in my 8 AM just wondering what came over me that made me chose to take 8 am accounting:/ I just do not get this class, Im undecided in business but I know I do not want to major in accounting, nothing against the prof I just do not like this class, most likely because its at 8am.   

Fairfield The First Month

Well I have been at Fairfield U for about a month now and I still really like it so thats good hahaha. But yeah basically all my days are the same class homework bed, class homework bed, I wish I had more time to myself even this post is for a class…. I sort of lost touch with my friends from home which is pretty sad but I’m not all the depressed about it. I know that sounds mean but its how I feel. But anywho this month flew by and all around it was pretty good, everyone is so nice, teachers are great and I couldn’t be happier.

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